Entirely Tailored

Every project undertaken is such. The first step is to understand the subject, the place, the room, the feel that wants to be created and the challenges that need to be overcome. This requires time sitting with, talking to and understanding the individuals behind the space. Their desires and feeling become paramount. At this juncture we advise and share what might work best in the space. We work to gently guide you and to allow you to explore what is really possible. We delve deeper into the types of patterns, colours and affects that can be achieved.

Then the fun begins. Finding the right wood to match the spaces involved.

Creating the patterns, making sketches, and using 3D visualisations where required so that before a piece of wood is even worked upon the vision is already in place.

We then work up samples for you to feel and touch to see how they speak to your soul. Once confirmed, a project plan is put into place and the work onsite begins accordingly.

This process has no end and we work till the client is overjoyed. We go far beyond what is required and our heart and soul is poured into each project.