The artistry of wood

Est. 1960

A French flair and mastery in wood since 1960, specialists in marquetry flooring

Born Natural

Working with wood has become a lost art.

​ Machines and crude techniques have replaced what was previously an artisan tradition that would have been passed down from generation to generation.

A few lay claim to this lost art but hardly any can demonstrate it. L’origine is founded by Vincent Coignet, who from birth has been surrounded by nothing but this artistry of wood. Going back through generations in France all his lineage has ever known is to shape and transform wood. Brought up immersed in this environment Vincent is now a master within his field rivalled by very few.

The eternal journey of wood - with a life of its own it has no beginning and it has no end

Wood is a primeval and original element that has existed and been handled by man since the very beginning of creation.

It naturally surrounds us and we as a civilisation would be lost without it. As societies have transformed, the use and need for wood has changed. Living in cities surrounded by skyscrapers and bustling streets we often forget the impact that this wood has in our being. Capturing that eternal spirit and transforming it into the highest quality furniture and flooring connects us to our origins and brings us in touch with our eternal spirit.


For no one else but you!

Did the French invent fashion? Who knows? What we can say is they certainly have a flair for design and appreciation of what is aesthetically pleasing.

L’origine marries highly specialised skills in wood with rich detail, creativity, and style. Whether it is flooring or furniture, what is created goes beyond the realms of normal. These pieces that are created are immediately striking, become talking points and are features of homes. They breathe life and create a verve that is hard to match.